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Retinal Imaging Consent Form

Retinal Imaging Consent Form

  • As part of a comprehensive eye examination, it is recommended that, ALL patients have the internal health of the eyes thoroughly evaluated every year. This is performed as either a dilated retinal exam or with Clarus retinal imaging

    Dr. Perez takes pride in the quality care provided for her patients and wants to provide the most highly advance technology available in retinal screening. With a Clarus screening, Dr. Perez can uncover and document problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal holes or detachments and diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy (all of which can lead to partial loss or blindness).

    Retinal Imaging:
    • Provides an eye wellness scan
    • Gives depth to retinal layers (where diseases can start)
    • Provides a permanent record to your medical file
    • Fast, easy, comfortable with no down time.
    • Will NOT entail blurry vision or light sensitivity for 4-6 hours that is associated with dilation.


      *Certain conditions require dilation each year and would not qualify for Clarus retinal imaging
    • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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