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Scleral Lenses Content Options

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Scleral Lenses Can Let Anyone wear Contact Lenses!

Scleral lenses are a specialized contact lenses that make contact lens use possible for many people for the first time – and they have advantages for normal contact lens wearers as well.

Irregular Corneas & Scleral Lenses

An irregular cornea generally causes problems or limitations with vision, and can be more complicated to correct with standard eyeglasses or contact lenses

What are Scleral Lenses & How Can they Help Me?

Scleral lenses are rigid contact lenses for hard-to-fit patients and are ideal for people with a vision prescription that exceeds the standard parameters of soft contacts.

How to Insert & Care for Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are specialized contact lenses that are often prescribed for patients with keratoconus or extremely sensitive eyes. After a short training and practice in caring for your scleral lenses, you’ll find it easy!

Hybrid Contact Lenses: Soft Lens Comfort with Hard Lens Clarity

The purpose of this design is to provide the visual clarity of GP lenses, combined with wearing comfort that is comparable to soft lenses.